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Meet Glenda!

Live outside the lines, life’s beauty surrounds you! 


                                                  Do you remember coloring outside the lines as a kid?  You were

                                                  so careful to try and stay within the lines of the picture.  But, if you

                                                  stay so focused on what’s inside the lines, you will miss all the

                                                  wonderful possibilities that are to be found outside the lines.  So stop

                                                  and look around you, see everything you have been missing because

                                                  you’ve been so wrapped up in your day to day existence.  It will still

                                                  be there when you're done coloring outside the lines!


                                                  I’ve taken my personal awareness to a higher level living in today’s

                                                  world.  Because it isn’t always full of butterflies, unicorns and

rainbows.  I’ve started noticing more of the world around me.  The photo ops are boundless.  I love having my camera in hand to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that come along.


I remember being enthralled with my Grandma and Grandpa’s old camera as a small child.  Playing with it, pretending to take pictures of what ever happened to get in front of the lens.  I took photography in 4-H.  But it wasn’t until I was an adult that I truly took an interest in taking pictures.  I like letting my creative side out to play, finding that interesting shot, thinking outside the lines.  So enjoy taking a few minutes to look at the world thorough my eyes, outside the lines.


I challenge you to go out and start coloring outside your lines….


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