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Welcome to my website!

I can’t look at anything without thinking, wow that would be a great picture! Nothing or nobody, including Gunner-the-Dog is safe when I have my camera in hand. I’m not afraid to get down and dirty or up close and personal, whatever it takes.

I like to fill the frame with my subject without a lot of air around it. I usually offset the focal point. There is the rule of thirds, but every rule is meant to be broken, sometimes … if it means getting the picture I want.

Speaking of Gunner… he is a great subject… when he stops wiggling long enough. And he is a great inspiration for finding a good balance in my life. I’ll be busy typing away on my laptop and he’ll come over and lay his head on top of the key board. As if to tell me it’s time to go outside and play ball.

It’s because of Gunner that I noticed this pileated woodpecker in the top of the apple tree scavenging for breakfast. He was unconcerned with Gunner chasing the ball underneath him.

I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoying taking them!

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